La Difference Translation Services Limited



Our primary aim is to provide you with a fast, professional, accurate, and quality translation at affordable prices!


If you need to translate documents urgently LaDifference translation provides a fast professional translation delivered on the  same day or within 24 hours .

For an urgent translation, you can simply email your scanned documents to us and we will send you a quote or contact us by phone for further details.


We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to translating your  documents because a small error can result in legal actions, reputational damages and financial losses.

This is why we only assign legal translators, with expertise and knowledge in the field to translate your documents. To find out  more about our Legal translation services please contact us.


We offer  a wide range of translation services such as medical, governmental and specialist translations. At  La Difference Translation Services, we aim to prove an excellent and accurate service therefore we will ensure that your documents are assigned  to a translator with the relevant experience in the industry sector.

We offer a wide range of personal translation services. Here are some of the examples of these services*:

Personal emails

Bank statements

Insurance claims

Professional degree certificates

Application forms

Medical records

Marriage and Divorce certificates

Birth Certificates

Death Certificates

* This list is not exhaustive


Our aim is to provide an excellent  service to our clients in all areas. This is why we have dedicated proof-readers who are assigned to proof-read  your documents.

It is not just your documents that needs to be proofread.  If you have a brochure documents or website that needs to be proofread before it is published to their audience we can send it to a  proofreader to check that the spelling and grammar of the documents is correct.


We offer audio-transcript for when there are no more than two speakers on the recording. Contact us today to find out more.

All our translators work in their mother tongue.

Here are some examples of audio-transcriptions that we provide:

Interview transcriptions

Business meeting transcriptions

Sermon transcriptions

Police interview transcriptions

Insurance transcriptions